Infrared imaging, sometimes called thermography, combines technical knowledge with specialized equipment as part of a home inspection to help identify problems "trapped" in the walls, ceilings or floors.

The Benefits of Infrared

Temperature changes across surfaces as "read" by the infrared camera and interpreted by the inspector along with other clues can indicate:

Safety concerns
Developing leaks
Preventable heating and cooling losses

Temperature differentials point to "hot spots" in wiring, potential fire hazards that can then be addressed for overall safety.

Areas of missing or reduced insulation may be identified for repair or replacement.

Utilities payments are a big-budget item when it comes to owning a home. Significant savings are possible when insulation levels are analyzed which doesn't happen with the naked eye. With an infrared camera, areas of reduced or missing insulation appear as a different color or shade of gray on the surface of a wall. Repairs or replacement can reduce the cost of heating or cooling the home.

Moisture, perhaps leaking through a section of roof, can leave a "cooler" spot on the camera imaging allowing the inspector to alert you to smaller issues before they become bigger problems.

How Thermal Imaging Works

Thermal imaging uses a specially-designed camera to register changes in temperature, or heat energy, across surfaces in a home. Trained inspectors use this radiometric infrared camera to scan the home for evidence of temperature changes. The camera converts the information into a digital image with heat changes depicted in various colors or shades of gray. The images are then interpreted by the inspector to provide the home owner, or buyer with additional information.

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